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State Rally will be held April 6 at LSU.
2019 NW Literary Rally results released
Medal winners, state qualifers listed
Leah Jackson, David West

 NATCHITOCHES – Results of the 2019 Northwest Louisiana District Literary Rally hosted by Northwestern State University have been released. Students from high schools in central and northwest Louisiana participated in the Rally, which is held each year to qualify academically talented students for the state competition at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge on April 6.

Students who are state qualifiers in music are as follows.

Buckeye High School - Madison Brown, Josie Aymond, Gabriel Fontenot and Brandon Gordon, Mixed Quartet 2; Josie Aymond, Emily Pentz and Taylor Evans, Girls Trio; Brandon Gordon and Dilen Smith, Boys Low Voice, and Adrienne Barber, Girls Low Voice;

Captain Shreve – Nyssa Weishans, Girls High Voice;

Loyola College Prep – Ashley Jackson, Girls Low Voice;

Natchitoches Central – Sharice Woods, Girls High Voice; Mary Dawson, Girls Low Voice;

Ringgold – Antavio Moore, Boys High Voice;

State Qualifiers for drama were Bolton High School, Caddo Magnet, Captain Shreve and Loyola College Prep.

Sweepstakes winners for Division I were Caddo Magnet, first; Alexandria Senior High, second; C.E. Byrd, third. Sweepstakes winners for Division II were Bolton High School, first; Buckeye High School, second. Sweepstakes winners for Division III were Loyola College Prep, first; Avoyelles Public Charter, second; Many High School, third. Sweepstakes winners for Division IV were Zwolle High School, first; Glenmora High School, second; Castor High School, third. Sweepstakes winners in Division V were Negreet High School, first; Saline High School, second; Converse High School, third.


Division I medal winners in each subject are as follows.

Accounting I - Michaela Collins, Caddo Magnet

Advanced Math-Functions & Statistics - Logan McMullen, Byrd

Advanced Math-PreCalculus - Kevin Zheng, Caddo Magnet

Agriscience I - Kaley Liotta, Pineville

Agriscience II - Louis Clark, Natchitoches Central

Agriscience III - Beatrice Harris, Pineville

Algebra I - Alexis Martinez, Captain Shreve

Algebra II - Diya Desai, Caddo Magnet

Biology I - Jackson Ballew, Byrd

Biology II - Arjun Yusufji, Byrd

Business Computer Applications - Kassidy Taylor, Benton

Business English – Riley Noble, Byrd

Calculus – Cade Crandall, Byrd

Chemistry – Cameron Thomas, Benton

Civics – Mina King, Caddo Magnet

Computer Science – Chase Taylor, Benton

Earth Science – Jordyn Rice, Caddo Magnet

Economics - Greg White, Alexandria

English I – Rose Bubenzer, Pineville

English II – Mason Nugent, Pineville

English III - Morgan Hughes, Captain Shreveport

English IV – Catherine Rutledge, Caddo Magnet

Environmental Science – Sameer Tirumala, Caddo Magnet

Family and Consumer Science – Anna Coleman, Natchitoches Central

Financial Literacy – Victoria Nason, Pineville

Fine Arts Survey – Dylan Tynes, Byrd

French I – Gabrielle Coleman, Pineville

French II – Amarige Yusufji, Byrd

French III – Joey Clary, Caddo Magnet

Geometry – Jackson Ballew, Byrd

Government – Palmer Miley, Caddo Magnet

Health - Megan Thompson, Alexandria

Intro to Business Computer Applications – Taylor Braud, Caddo Magnet

Journalism I – Melissa Krzywanski, Captain Shreve

Nutrition & Food – McKenna Rowe, Natchitoches Central

Physical Science – John Nelson, Caddo Magnet

Physics – Xian Tang, Caddo Magnet

Principles of Business – Raelee Craft, Benton

Psychology – Cortez Walters, Caddo Magnet

Sociology – Cassia Grant, Caddo Magnet

Spanish I – Naomi Pena, Alexandria

Spanish II – Sarah Johnson, Caddo Magnet

Spanish III – Sophie Wiener, Caddo Magnet

Spanish IV – Federica Valeau, Captain Shreve

Spelling – Kaili Taylor, Caddo Magnet

U.S. History – Nathaniel DelaPena, Alexandria

World Geography – Clint Ladner, Pineville

World History – Alaina Guidroz, Alexandria


Division II medal winners in each subject are as follows.


Accounting – Michael Crenshaw, Buckeye

Advanced Math-Functions and Statistics – Abbas Khambatti, Bolton

Advanced Math-Pre Calculus – Zachary Phillips, North DeSoto

Agriscience I – Kate Peterson, North DeSoto

Agriscience II – Chris Rainey, Buckeye

Agriscience III – Hayden Smith, Buckeye

Algebra I – Erin Thomas, Bolton

Algebra II – Aleena Gibbons, Buckeye

Biology I – Macy Corley, North DeSoto

Biology II – Brendan Gordon, Buckeye

Business Computer Applications – James Brown, Bolton

Business English – Tyianna Dixon, Bolton

Calculus – Nafiz Zaman, Bolton

Chemistry – Abbas Khambatti, Bolton

Civics – Bennett Hargis, Bolton

Computer Science – Tatum Skylar, North DeSoto

Earth Science – Sydney Toms, Buckeye

Economics – Skyler Jeansonne, Buckeye

English I – Emma Schmitt, Buckeye

English II – Kinsey Vandyke, Bolton

English III – Christian Sasser, Buckeye

English IV – Atula Danivas, Bolton

Environmental Science – Andy Floyd, Buckeye

Family and Consumer Science – Apphia Gaylord, Bossier

Financial Literacy – Sansar Gupta, Bolton

Fine Arts Survey – Will Murry, Bolton

French I – Matten Riccobono, Bolton

French II – Bradford Stephens, Bolton

Geometry – Hala Hafez, Bolton

Health – Emily Pentz, Buckeye

Intro to Business Computer Applications – Austin Evans, Bolton

Journalism I - Kamryn DeVille, Buckeye

Nutrition & Food – Skylar Ebey, Buckeye

Physical Science - Everett Webster, North DeSoto

Physics – Jacob Paulk, Buckeye

Principles of Business – Cade Bolin, Buckeye

Psychology, Monesha Miller, Bolton

Sociology – Michaela Foster, Buckeye

Spanish I – Detrell Listerrhone, Bossier

Spanish II – Hannah McDaniel, Buckeye

Spanish III – Beau Bordelon, Buckeye

Spanish IV – Brittany McNeely, Buckeye

Spelling – Janna Butler, Bolton

U.S. History – Claire Terrell, North DeSoto

World Geography – Emma Cavlin, North DeSoto

World History – Sophie Terrell, North DeSoto


Division III medal winners in each subject are as follows.


Accounting I – Alyssa Simmons, Many

Advanced Math – Function and Statistics – Garrett Gagnard, Avoyelles Public Charter

Advanced Math-Pre Calculus – Skylar Yan, LSMSA

Agriscience I – Macy Hemphill, Winnfield

Agriscience II – Karmen Jarriett, Lakeview

Agriscience III – Emma Vines, Winnfield

Algebra I – Robyn Ford, Loyola College Prep

Algebra II – Kaylea Goleman, Rapides

Biology I – Stephen Wheat, LSMSA

Biology II – Jonathan Okereke, Loyola College Prep

Business Computer Applications – Logan Marler, Rapides

Business English – Ashley Evans, Red River High

Calculus – John Heying, LMSMA

Calculus II – Jordan Byrd, LSMSA

Chemistry – Victoria McMillian, LMSMA

Civics – Grant John, Loyola College Prep

Computer Science – Van Pandian, LSMSA

English I – Layla Aymond, Avoyelles Public Charter

English II – Annalise Bates, LSMSA

English III – Steely Forrester, LSMSA

English IV – Lily Orgeron, LSMSA

Environmental Science – Andrew Atkins, Loyola College Prep

Family and Consumer Science – Jadyn Rougeau, Rapides

Financial Literacy – Emili Ladino, Rapides

Fine Arts Survey – Karan Baker, LSMSA

French I – Annalise Bates, LSMSA

French II – Steely Forrester, LSMSA

French III – Colton Hayes, LSMSA

Geometry – Sikai Liang, Loyola College Prep

Government – Andrew Meyer, Loyola College Prep

Health – Lauren Warren, Loyola College Prep

Intro to Business Computer Applications – Sydnei Henson, Evangel Christian Academy

Journalism I – Kalani Sibley, Winnfield

Nutrition and Food – Jimena Valle, Rapides

Physical Science – Andrew Dickens, Avoyelles Public Chater

Physics – Mia Griffith, LSMSA

Principles of Business – Kristen Hammontree, Many

Psychology – Jenna Mason, North Caddo Magnet

Sociology – Lily Savage, North Caddo Magnet

Spanish I – Aileen Vargas, Rapides

Spanish II – Alex Guerrero, Rapides

Spanish III – Aubrey Prewitt, LSMSA

Spanish IV – Chloe Dean, Loyola College Prep

Spelling – Quentin Fields, Winnfield

U.S. History – Anna Little, Winnfield

World Geography – Bryan Parks, Avoyelles Public Chater

World History – Andre Bourque, LSMSA


Division IV medal winners in each subject are as follows.


Accounting – Erin Escott, Zwolle

Advanced Math – Functions and Statistics – Benjamin Vonville, Glenmora

Advanced Math- Pre Calculus – Terika Ford, Northwood-Lena

Agriscience I – Slaide Salard, Northwood-Lena

Agriscience II – Sela Smith, Ringgold

Algebra I – Jordan Hunter, Zwolle

Algebra II – Garrett Sepulvado, Calvary Baptist Academy

Biology I – Bobby Crawford, Arcadia

Biology II – Surrina Brandon, Zwolle

Business Computer Applications – Hannah Brouillette, Northwood-Lena

Business English – Justin Jarvis, Castor

Chemistry – Garrett Sepulvado, Calvary Baptist

Civics – Francisco Rubio, Glenmora

Computer Science – Jacob Grigg, Ringgold

Earth Science – Bobby Crawford, Arcadia

Economics – Lyanla Adams, Ringgold

English I – Trey Brandon, Zwolle

English II – Kenzie Crawford, Castor

English III – Sarah Moore, Zwolle

English IV – Olivia Owensby, Northwood-Lena

Environmental Science – Tristan Hargrave, Glenmora

Family and Consumer Science – Jederic Talbert, Arcadia

Financial Literacy – Casey Treadway, Ringgold

Fine Arts Survey – Stephen Juneau, Northwood-Lena

Geometry – Martin McDowell, Calvary Baptist

Government – Blaine Warren, Castor

Health – Zoie Loftin, Castor

Intro to Business Computer Applications – Christian Conley, Castor

Journalism I – Gabrielle Guin, Castor

Nutrition and Food – Zoe Barton, Northwood-Lena

Physical Science – Jordan Hunter, Zwolle

Physics – Brady Brown, Castor

Principles of Business – Nyesha Sims, Glenmora

Psychology – Jermario Jefferson, Arcadia

Sociology – Jermario Jefferson, Arcadia

Spanish I – Ryan Niemoeller, Calvary Baptist

Spanish II – Kayla Davis, Zwolle

Spelling – Derik Wright, Northwood-Lena

U.S. History – Erik Dauzat, Glenmora

World Geography – Braxton Kuehn, Calvary Baptist

World History – Patrick Mahaffey, Glenmora


Division V medal winners in each subject are as follows.


Accounting I – Hailey Vaughn, Converse

Advanced Math-Functions and Statistics – Kaydn Knight, Negreet

Advanced Math-Pre Calculus – Haydn Knight, Negreet

Agriscience I – Hunter Brumley, Converse

Agriscience II – Justin Robertson, Converse

Agriscience III – Gabe Hext, Pleasant Hill

Algebra I – Christian Wold, Alexandria Country Day

Algebra II – Tristen Hipper, Negreet

Biology I – Logan Parker, Saline

Biology II – Alexis Bush, Converse

Business Computer Applications – Lindsey Davidson, Atlanta

Business English – Noah Strong, Caddo Virtual Academy

Calculus – Connor Hansen, Caddo Virtual Academy

Chemistry – Kiley Hough, Saline

Civics – Harmon Patriquin, Caddo Virtual Academy

Earth Science – Mason Scott, Saline

English I – Elizabeth Hastings, Dodson

English II – James Parker, Negreet

English III – Jaycee Ebarb, Ebarb

English IV – Peyton Duck, Saline

Environmental Science – Harmon Patriquin, Caddo Virtual Academy

Family and Consumer Science – Breana Wise, Dodson

Financial Literacy – Yancy Vallery, Negreet

Fine Arts Survey – Jensen Parker, St. Mary’s

Geometry – Brennan Sims, Negreet

Government – Shaye Kelly, Saline

Health – Chelsie Dean, Converse

Intro to Business Computer Applications – Caroline Boyett, Dodson

Journalism I – Lori Peace, Negreet

Nutrition and Food – Kylie Bates, Saline

Physical Science – Ross Voorheis, Negreet

Physics – Connor Hansen, Caddo Virtual Academy

Principles of Business – Zowee Cherry, Saline

Psychology – Noelle Warren, Saline

Sociology, Macie Warren, Saline

Spanish I – Conlan Ezernack, Ebarb

Spanish II – Tony Arnold, St. Mary’s

Spelling – Graceann Peterston, Caddo Virtual Academy

U.S. History – Colton James, Dodson

World Geography – Ashton Moody, Montgomery

World History – Alex Martinez, Negreet


Students qualifying to attend State Rally to represent Division I schools are as follows.


Alexandria Senior High – Advanced Math Func. & Stats, Graham Pearson; Advanced Math Pre-Calculus, Noah Flynn; Agriscience I, Zoe Folarin; Agriscience II, Nicholas Johnson; Algebra II, Hayden Zachary; Biology I, Patrick Guidroz; Business Computer Applications, Adam Cutrer; Calculus, Madison Canezaro; Economics, Greg White; Geometry, Mia Coco; Health, Megan Thompson; Intro Business Computer Applications, Justiss Burns; Physical Science, Zane Lovas; Sociology, Ainsley White; Spanish I, Naomi Pena; Spanish II, Deanna White; U.S. History, Nathaniel Delapena; World History, Alaina Guidroz;

Byrd – Accounting I, Devin Jones; Advanced Math Func. & Stats, Logan McMullen; Biology I, Jackson Ballew; Biology II, Arjun Yusufji; Calculus, Cade Crandall; Civics, Amarige Yusufji; English I, Ellery Copple; English II, David Shaw; Fine Arts Survey, Dylan Tynes; French III, Makenya Hall, Geometry, Morgan Gentry; Intro Business Computer Applications, Ty Anderson; Psychology, John Burford; Spanish I, Kalyn Dupont; Spanish III, Natasha Fields; Spanish IV, Payton Doyal;

Caddo Magnet – Accounting I, Michaela Collins; Advanced Math Pre-Calculus, Kevin Zheng; Algebra II, Diya Desai, Biology II, Grace Shin; Business Computer Applications, Willow Sanders; Calculus, Timothy Oliver; Calculus II, Natalie Lim; Civics, Mina King; Computer Science, Ben Cavel, English I, Zoha Ibrahim; English II, Emma Dong; English III, Grace Sun; English IV, Catherine Rutledge; Environmental Science, Sameer Tirumala; French I, Jordan Hall; French II, Taylor Martin; French III, Joey Clary; Geometry, Yuting Lin; Government, Palmer Miley; Intro Business Computer Applications, Taylor Braud; Physical Science, John Nelson, Physics, Xian Tang; Psychology, Cortez Walters; Sociology, Cassia Grant; Spanish I, Joycelyn Bolden; Spanish II, Sarah Johnson; Spanish III, Sophie Wiener; U.S. History, Caymen Hawkins; World Geography, Graceanne Hodgson;

Captain Shreve -- Advanced Math Pre-Calculus, Tanner Hines; Algebra I, Alexis Martinez; Algebra II, Patrick Simon; Chemistry, Brooke Fegley; English III, Morgan Hughes; English IV, Georgia Hilburn; French II, Faith Quarles; Government, Russell Peacock; Journalism I, Melissa Krzywanski; Spanish IV, Federica Valeau; U.S. History, William Hannon; World History, Cade Davis:

Natchitoches Central – Agriscience II, Louis Clark; Agriscience III, Andrew Broadway; Algebra I, Demarion Sowell; Chemistry, Mali Simmons; Family and Consumer Science, Anna Coleman; Fine Arts Survey, Ariel Smith; Nutrition & Food, McKenna Rowe; Physics, Tyler Nichols; World Geography, Luke Robertson;

Parkway – Financial Literacy, Elian Garcia Alvarado;

Pineville -- Agriscience I, Aidan Rogers; Agriscience III, Beatrice Harris; Algebra I, Reid Briley; Biology II, Katie Goins; Civics, Mason Nugent; English I, Rose Bubenzer; English II, Noah Murray; English III, Jackson Neal; English IV, Layren Hynson; Family and Consumer Science, Kaley Liotta, Financial Literacy, Victoria Nason; French I, Gabrielle Coleman, Health, Zoie Chandler; Physical Science, Landon Rosedale; Physics, Jared Arnold; Principles of Business, Duncan Deville; Psychology, Keerthana Stanley; World Geography, Clint Ladner; World History, Joshua Siebeneicher;


State Qualifiers in Division II are as follows.

Benton – Biology I, Douglas Graham; Business Computer Applications, Kassidy Taylor, Calculus II, Creighton France; Chemistry, Cameron Thomas; Computer Science, Chase Taylor; Environmental Science, Hannah Hinton; Journalism I, Izabella Arsenault; Principles of Business, Raelee Craft; Spanish I, Luke Montgomery;

Bolton – Advanced Math Func. & Stats, Abbas Khambatti; Advanced Math Pre-Calculus, Jake Scherer; Algebra I, Erin Thomas; Algebra II, Thomas Rogers; Biology I, Ashley Glaspie; Biology II, Ahmed Hafez; Business Computer Applications, James Brown; Calculus, Nafiz Zaman; Civics, Bennett Hargis; English I, Ryan Zaman; English II, Kinsey Van Dyke, English III, Preston Wilburn; English IV, Atula Danivas; Financial Literacy, Sansar Gupta; Fine Arts Survey, Will Murry; French I, Matten Riccobono; French II, Bradford Stephens; Geometry, Hala Hafez; Introductory Business Computer Applications, Austin Evans; Journalism I, Haleigh Van Dyke; Physical Science, Chyiann Curtis; Psychology, Monesha Miller; World Geography, Zanaejah Hannah;

Bossier – Calculus, Emily Taylor; Chemistry, Barrett Bussie; Family and Consumer Science, Apphia Gaylord; Nutrition & Food, Brenden Hohenstein; Principles of Business, Deonjaleke Brown; Spanish I, Detrell Listerrhone;

Buckeye – Accounting I, Michael Crenshaw; Agriscience I, James Gohmert; Agriscience II, Chris Rainey; Agriscience III, Hayden Smith; Algebra I, William Verhayden; Algebra II, Aleena Gibbons; Biology II, Brendan Gordon; Business Computer Applications, Jessica Chevallier; Economics, Skyler Jeansonne; English I, Emma Schmitt; English II, Christian Sasser; Environmental Science, Andy Floyd; Family & Consumer Science, David Wilkinson; Financial Literacy, David Gravgaard; Fine Arts Survey, Austin Dryden; Government, Aaron Edwards; Health, Emily Pentz; Introductory Business Computer Applications, Peyton Fuller; Journalism I, Kamryn Deville; Nutrition & Food, Skylar Ebey; Physics, Jacob Paulk; Principles of Business, Cade Bolin; Sociology, Michaela Foster; Spanish I, Aiden Matthews; Spanish II, Hannah McDaniel; Spanish III, Beau Bordelon; Spanish IV, Brittany McNeely; U.S. History, Ethan Speaks; World History, Caleb Pearson;

Huntington – Chemistry, Austin Free;

North DeSoto -- Advanced Math Func. & Stats, Josie McLain; Advanced Math Pre-Calculus, Zachary Phillips; Agriscience I, Kate Peterson; Agriscience II, James Tackett; Biology I, Macy Corley; Civics, Mason Collins; Computer Science, Skylar Tatum; English II, Lance Ferguson; English IV, Ashley Furrow; Environmental Science, Mackenzie Williams; Geometry, Kaci McDaniel; Government, Jayden D. Bates; Physical Science, Everett Webster; Spanish II, Clay Lonadier; Spanish III, Alayna Griffith; Spanish IV, Alex Ryan; U.S. History, Claire Terrell; World Geography, Emma Davlin; World History, Sophie Terrell;


State Qualifiers in Division III are as follows.

Calvary Baptist Academy – Chemistry – Garrett Sepulvado; English II, Sarah Holt; English III, Caley Englade; Geometry, Martin McDowell; Spanish I, Ryan Niemoeller; World Geography, Braxton Kuehn;

Evangel Christian Academy – English I, Issac Erickson; English III, Eliot McGauley; Introductory Business Computer Applications, Sydnei Henson;

Lakeview – Agriscience I, Elizabeth Poydras; Agriscience II, Karmen Jarriett; Agriscience III, Gracie Niette;

Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts -- Advanced Math-Func. & Stats, Daniel Gonzalez; Advanced Math-Pre-Calculus, Skylar Yan; Biology I, Stephen Wheat; Calculus, John Heying; Calculus II, Jordan Byrd; English II, Annalise Bates; English III, Steely Forrester; English IV, Lily Orgeron, Fine Arts Survey, Karan Baker; French II, Anna Sloan; French III, Colton Hayes; Geometry, Mclemore Parker; Government, Samuel Konur; Journalism I, William Casey; Physics, Mia Griffith; Spanish I, Alina Chaisson; Spanish II, Olufunke Adeleye; Spanish III, Aubrey Prewitt; World History, Andre Bourque;

Loyola College Prep – Advanced Math-Pre-Calculus, Mary Desautels;, Algebra I, Robyn Ford; Biology I, Caroline Henry; Biology II, Jonathan Okereke; Calculus II, Emma Michael; Chemistry, Stafford Yerger; Civics, Grant John; English I, Emma Dailey; English II, Embeth Cole; English IV, Luke Jackson; Environmental Science, Andrew Atkins, French I, Lauren Romero; French II, Claire Scott; French III, Jinsy Hardison; Geometry, Sikai Liang; Government, Andrew Meyer; Health, Lauren Warren; Psychology, Mary Stari; Spanish I, Declan Chmielewski; Spanish II, Leslie Johnson; Spanish IV, Chloe Dean; U.S. History, Hannah Johnson; World Geography, Elliott Scott; World History, Anna Avallone;

Many – Accounting I, Alyssa Simmons; Algebra I, Hunter Paddie; Algebra II, Cardetrick Woods; Biology I, Clifford Gowen; Business Computer Applications, Katelyn Champion; Principles of Business, Kristen Hammontree;

North Caddo Magnet – Computer Science, Curry Jaynes; Nutrition & Food, Koryn Quinett; Psychology, Jenna Mason; Sociology, Lily Savage;

Red River – Accounting I, Shaniya Beavers; Health, Sagar Patel;

Winnfield Senior – Agriscience I, Macy Hemphill; Agriscience II, Hunter Poisso; Agriscience III, Emma Vines; Calculus, Tyler Hight; Environmental Science, John Spikes; Financial Literacy, Jose Sierra; Fine Arts Survey, Alyssa Taylor; Journalism I, Kalani Sibley; U.S. History, Anna Little; World History, Gabrielle Frieu;


State qualifers in Division IV are as follows.

Avoyelles Public Charter – Advanced Math Func. & Stats, Garrett Gagnard; Advanced Math Pre- Calculus, Maxwell McKey; Algebra I, Kathryn Lemoine; Algebra II, Emily Dixon; Biology II, Akayah Walter; Civics, Carlee Carmello; English I, Layla Aymond; English II, Nicholas Dismer; English III, Hailey Tigner; English IV, Molly Pousson; French I, Ian Munoz Redmon; Geometry, Ethan Deshautelle; Physical Science, Andrew Dickens; U.S. History, Jacob Voiselle; World Geography, Bryan Parks;

Castor – Accounting I, Zakiya Johnson; Advanced Math Func. & Stats, Madison McCarthy; English II, Kenzie Crawford; English III, Kayleigh Lupton; Family & Consumer Science, Kimberly Tilley; Fine Arts Survey, James Lowring; Government, Blaine Warren; Health, Zoie Loftin; Introductory Business Computer Applications, Christian Conley; Journalism I, Gabrielle Guin; Physical Science, Memphis Dalme; Physics, Brady Brown; Psychology, Zoe Hay; Sociology, Zachary Coffey; Spanish I, Zachary Jones;

Glenmora -- Advanced Math Func. & Stats, Benjamin Fonville; Advanced Math Pre-Calculus, Emily Nolasco; Algebra I, Noah Jonker; Biology I, Sailor Daugherty; Business Computer Applications, Malya Williams; Chemistry, Brendan Mahaffey; Civics, Francisco Rubio; English IV, Kennedy Mikolaszuk; Environmental Science, Tristan Hargrave; Financial Literacy, Leticia Rubio; Introductory Business Computer Applications, Paige Powers; Journalism I, Maddie Parker; Principles of Business, Nyesha Sims; Spanish II, Kylie Doyle; U.S. History, Erik Dauzat; World Geography, Hayden Henson; World History, Patrick Mahaffey;

Montgomery – Algebra I, Zackary Racine; Biology II, Richard Smith; Civics, Emily Thomisee; English II, Carolyne Davidson; U.S. History, Savannah Moses; World Geography, Ashton Moody;

Northwood-Lena – Advanced Math-Pre-Calculus, Terika Ford; Agriscience I, Slaide Salard; Algebra II, Cody George; Business Computer Applications, Hannah Brouilette; Civics, StephenJuneau; English I, Ayla Ault; English IV, Olivia Owensby; Environmental Science, Hailee Hill; Geometry, Alyssa Bartholemy; Health, Maggie Setliff; Nutrition and Food, Zoe Barton; World Geography, Braeden Thompson;

Rapides – Algebra II, Kaylea Goleman; Biology II, Michael Lowe; Business Computer Applications, Destin Sauseda; Chemistry, Bethany Newton; Family and Consumer Science, Jadyn Rougeau; Financial Literacy, Emili Ladino; Introductory Business Computer Applications, Samantha Chavez; Nutrition & Food, Jimena Valle; Physical Science, Angela Felix; Physics, Jacob Vidrine; Principles of Business, Logan Marler; Spanish I, Aileen Vargas; Spanish II, Alex Guerrero; Spanish III, Brenda Cazares; Spanish IV, Margarita Cazares;

Zwolle – Accounting I, Erin Escott; Algebra I, Gracie Leone; Algebra II, Matthew Lovelady; Biology I, Jaidon Lilly; Biology II, Autumn Sepulvado; Civics, Zach Strebeck; English I, Trey Brandon; English III, Sarah Moore; Geometry, Summer Faust; Physical Science, Jordan Hunter; Spanish II, Kayla Davis; U.S. History, James Ebarb; World History, Surrina Brandon;


State qualifiers in Division V are as follows.

Alexandria Country Day – Algebra I, Christian Wold; English I, Olivia Broussard; Physical Science, Traxtyn Finney; Spanish I, Noah Gad;

Arcadia – Algebra I, Jakyla Gray; Algebra II, Tytanna Thompson; Biology I, Bobby Crawford; Family & Consumer Science, Jaderic Talbert; Government, Zani Sims; Principles of Business, Jaqualon Crane; Psychology, Jyron Bell; Sociology, Jermario Jefferson;

Atlanta – Advanced Math Func. & Stats, Kaitlyn Turner; Business Computer Applications, Lindsey Davidson; English III, Faith Nugent; Nutrition & Food, Alissa Coolman;

Caddo Virtual Academy, Chemistry, Noah Strong; Civics, Harmon Patriquin; English IV, Kian Campbell; Physics, Connor Hansen; World History, Jacob Bridges;

Calvin – Agriscience I, Kate Dupree; Agriscience III, Alayna Martin; Geometry, Hannah Barber; World Geography, Josie Camp;

Converse – Accounting I, Vaughn Hailey; Advanced Math-Pre-Calculus, Allison Jagneaux; Agriscience I, Hunter Brumley; Agriscience II, Justin Robertson; Algebra I, Rayden Farmer; Algebra II, Kolby Rigsby; Biology I, Eli Wilburn; Biology II, Evan David; English III, Gracie Averitt; English IV, Taylor Hill; Environmental Science, Sean Laughlin; Financial Literacy, Ciara Rivers; Health, Chelsie Dean; Journalism I, Zac Dauffenbach; Physical Science, Colton Booker; Principles of Business, Selena Rodriguez; Psychology, Lindsey Rascoe; Sociology, Abby Rivers; Spanish I, Alexis Bush; Spanish II, Ale Rodriguez; World Geography, Casey Mills; World History, Joshua Nichols;

Dodson -- Agriscience I, Logan Womack; Biology I, Jayson Vines; Biology II, Jacob Tumlin; English I, Elizabeth Hastings; English II, Madalyn Creel; Family & Consumer Science, Breana Wise; Fine Arts Survey, Johnathan Ingles; Introductory Business Computer Applications, Caroline Boyett; Spanish II, Faithe Williams; U.S. History, Colton James;

Ebarb -- Business Computer Applications, Kirsten Sepulvado, English III, Jaycee Ebarb, English IV, Chelsea Mathews, Environmental Science, Kelsey Sepulvado, Introductory Business Computer Applications, Tara Black, Spanish I, Conlan Ezernack;

Negreet – Advanced Math-Func. & Stats, Haydn Knight; Advanced math-Pre-Calculus, Jessie Trichel; Agriscience I, Jake Dye; Agriscience II, Joshua Corley; Algebra I, Breeanna Ivy; Algebra II, Tristan Hippler; Civics, Aiden Lowe; English I, Macy Rule; English II, James Parker; English III, Madison Milligan; Financial Literacy, Yancy Vallery; Fine Arts Survey, Tristan Lewing; Geometry, Brennan Sims; Journalism I, Lori Peace; Physical Science, Ross Voorheis; U.S. History, Brett Thomas; World History, Alex Martinez;

Pleasant Hill – Agriscience III, Gabe Hext; U.S. History, Truly Bozeman;

Ringgold -- Agriscience I, Sabien Walter; Agriscience II, Sela Smith; Computer Science, Jacob Grigg; Economics, Lyanla Adams; English I, Roszyya Kinsey; English II, Destany Woods; Financial Literacy, Casey Treadway; Fine Arts Survey, Nykeria Stearns; Nutrition & Food, Shynia Chase;

Riverdale -- Advanced Math-Func. & Stats, Brailee Vaughn; Chemistry, Adam Bryant; Geometry, Matthew Seales;

Saline – Agriscience III, Steven Giddings; Algebra II, Jon Thomas; Biology I, Logan Parker; Chemistry, Kiley Hough; English IV, Peyton Duck; Family and Consumer Science, Kaylah Ruiz; Government, Shaye Kelly; Health, Ethan Roberts; Nutrition & Food, Kylie Bates; Physical Science, Jaxton Bell; Principles of Business, Zowee Cherry; Psychology, Noelle Warren; Sociology, Macie Warren;

St. Mary’s -- Advanced Math-Pre-Calculus, Carissa Kautz; Algebra II, Maggie Wheat; Calculus, Zach Harrell; Chemistry, Sarah Stamey; English I, Anna Jackson; Fine Arts Survey, Jensen Parker; Geometry, Graeme Fidelak; Government, Abigail Guillet; Physics, Claire Guillet, Spanish II, Tony Arnold;

Word of God Academy – Biology I, Walker Holland.