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Joy Johnson
Creating a positive experience for students
Joy Johnson works in the Office of First Year Experience and Leadership Development

Who’s Who at Northwestern State

Name: Joy Johnson

Title: Administrative Assistant 3 for the Office of First Year Experience and Leadership Development

Years at NSU: 17

Job description:  First and foremost my job is making sure that every student that comes into our office has a positive experience in preparing to enter college and that they leave excited about becoming an NSU Demon. I am the frontline representative for my office and I am the first person they see when they come into our area.  
In my job I handle all purchasing responsibilities, complete Professional Service Contracts for guest speakers and make all travel arrangements for staff and students for conferences and workshops.  I create and maintain databases and spreadsheets for all office programs and do daily deposits. I also type and maintain evaluations for every program that we do through our office.  I am responsible for making room reservations on campus for all of our programs and events, organizing all materials needed for the First Year Involvement Challenge, the First Year Success Series, and the Experiential Activities Sessions for Freshman Connection and the President’s Leadership Program.

Why I like working at Northwestern State: It’s been said you only get one chance to make a good first impression so I want to make sure the impression students receive from our office is one where they will know that we care for them and want them to have a smooth transition into college. I love helping students feel at home while they are at their home away from home.  I enjoy helping ease parents’ fears and anxiety about their child moving away from home and taking on new responsibilities and adventures and letting them know that everything will be fine.  As a parent myself I try to let parents know that in our office we care for every student as if they are our own.  My husband tells everyone that one of the things I love more than anything in the world is being a “mama” and in my job I’ve had the awesome privilege of being a “mama” to literally hundreds of students.  Sometimes I even let my husband get in on the parenting end and we cook dinner for and serve students who are in programs sponsored by my office.  I’ve had the opportunity to see new students come in - nervous and anxious about the future and what it holds for them -  and watch them grow into confident young men and women who will go out and shape the world. I tell people all the time that my office is the best place in the world to work.  You never know from one day to the next what you will be working on.  One day you might be helping to build a homecoming float or a scarecrow for Crows on the Cane, and the next you might be helping students resolve financial aid, housing, registration or student employment problems.  It is definitely a place where you can honestly say you never get bored.