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Criminal justice journal online
Articles examine facets of law enforcement
Leah Jackson

NATCHITOCHES – The October edition of the International Journal of Criminal Justice is available online. The journal is written primarily by faculty in Northwestern State University’s Criminal Justice program.

The publication is designed to not only be educational, entertaining and a resource for current events in Criminal Justice, but also include the additional section and mandate of dissemination of scholarship, incorporating the rigors of the peer-review process. The department strives to select cutting edge articles, opinions, research and scholarship that encourage discussion and add prominence and significance to the interdisciplinary discipline. The intended audience includes colleagues in Criminal Justice and professors throughout the academy, students in criminal justice and related majors, those working in the field, alumni and friends.

Articles in the October issue include “It Never Goes Away,” “Violence, Insanity, Asylums. . . Oh My!,” “Violence in the Workplace,” “Personal Reflections on Cesare Beccaria and Classical Deterrence Theory,” “Law Enforcement and the Elderly,” “Female Police Officer Recruitment: The Impact of Residency, Job Specialization and Educational Reimbursement on Applicant Rating of the Job,” and news about the American Criminal Justice Association at Northwestern State.

Readers can access the journal by clicking on the following link:

For more information, contact Shirley Snyder, editor, at