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Shirley Snyder
Every day is exciting
Shirley Snyder is coordinator of the criminal justice program at NSU

Who’s Who at Northwestern State

Name: Shirley Snyder

Title: Coordinator of Criminal Justice program and Pre-Law and Paralegal Studies Program

Education: JD – LSU;

M.A. Student Personnel Services, Northwestern State;

B.A. Social Work, Northwestern State; 

Years at NSU: 10

Job description: Coordinate the criminal justice (CJ) program and the new concentration in pre-law and paralegal studies (PLPS) program for the Department of Criminal Justice, History and Social Sciences.  Teach criminal law and criminal evidence and procedure for the criminal justice program, and eight courses for the pre-law and paralegal course requirements for the new concentration.

Why I like working at Northwestern State:  Ten years ago, I was given the opportunity to teach in the criminal justice program by Joe Morris, our department head, and I have considered that a gift the entire time I have worked here.  I love the program, our faculty, the students and teaching law.  After working as a lawyer for more than 20 years, I consider teaching this convoluted craft to students who desire to follow the same trek new and exciting almost every day.

NSU truly does have a faculty that is committed to the university, goes above and beyond, really does care and does an amazing job.  I am honored to be part of that group.  I have truly come home to this place I cherished as a student and now as a teacher. You know you are doing what you were meant to do when you enjoy it so much and it is so much fun that you would almost do it even without pay. NSU is a great place to work and I feel blessed every day to do so.  I hope to give back some of all I have received.