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Kyla Winey
SGA President learning from Washington internship

NATCHITOCHES  -- Kyla Winey has taken her knowledge of government to a new level this summer. Wiley, the Student Government Association president at Northwestern State University, has been working for first-term U.S. Rep. Vance McAllister of Oak Grove in his Washington D.C., office.

Winey, a senior communication major, was an intern for McAllister, then took over as the congressman’s scheduler when a staff vacancy occurred.

“I started off just doing the basics, answering constituent phone calls, doing a little bill research here and there and keeping up with certain issues on the floor,” said Winey. “Exactly a month into my internship the D.C. office was in need of a scheduler and I asked me to fill the position. It was truly a blessing, a right place and right time type of opportunity that I accepted. I originally planned on ending my internship here to take another one, but when I was presented with a job offer, I knew I couldn’t turn it down.”

Winey worked for several months to get a coveted internship.

“I networked and jumped on the opportunity to apply for this internship,” said Winey. “After visiting Washington D.C., this past December, I realized that this was the city I wanted to spend my summer in. I applied, went through a lengthy interview process and after a series of interviews got the job.”

Winey said the work in Washington has helped add to the knowledge she has gotten through her degree program and in student government.

“I’ve learned to always stay on your toes, be prompt, never answer about a situation you don’t know and be consistent,” said Winey. “It’s definitely not an easy job, but it has given me a sense of accomplishment. People think that Washington is what they see on ‘Scandal’ and ‘House of Cards,’ but most politicians are up here fighting for their constituents and that was good to see.”

Winey said the internship has caused her to consider a wider range of future job opportunities.

“I would definitely consider moving back to D.C. after graduation,” she said. “It has showed me that your work ethic should always speak for itself. I was given the opportunity of a lifetime and I did my best. I feel like I can do nothing but go up from here.”