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Pineville High grads targeted for scholarships.
Beta Engineering scholarships support students
NSU is producing graduates for regional industry
Leah Jackson

NATCHITOCHES – Beta Engineering of Pineville, Louisiana is completing three years of funding $6,000 for scholarships awarded to Northwestern State University students pursuing degrees in engineering technology.  The scholarships are awarded to two students each academic year.  One is for an entering freshman focused on Electronics Engineering Technology (EET) or Industrial Engineering Technology (IET).  The second is for a senior student, also focused on EET or IET.  The scholarship stipulates that both students reside in Rapides Parish with a preference for graduates of Pineville High School. 

Beta Engineering is one of a group of privately held, vertically integrated companies based in Pineville with Crest Industries as its parent company. Beta provides engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for high voltage substations and transmission lines across the United States. 

Through its staff of electrical and civil engineers, project managers and substation designers, Beta Engineering has delivered high performance expertise to the design and construction of high voltage power substations since 1975. Beta’s electrical engineering team designs and builds high voltage projects across the country, specializing in gas insulated substations (GIS) and flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS). Beta anticipates additional employment growth in 2016 to support its growing portfolio of work across the country. 

NSU’s Engineering Technology Programs are aligned with Beta Engineering and other companies who are continually evaluating processes and technologies to ensure they represent current industry best practices. NSU’s ET Department delivers sophisticated education in control technology using digital applications and telecommunications protocols.

“We are extremely grateful to Beta Engineering and Crest Industries for their continued support of NSU’s Engineering Technology Programs,” said Dr. Ali Ahmad, head of the Department of Engineering Technology.  “Enrollment continues to increase in our programs which is helping to meet demand for technologists in the equipment, quality control, process control and other applied engineering fields.  Our students are not only equipped with applied engineering skills but are also prepared with the soft skills and management abilities required to lead in high performance organizations such as Beta Engineering.” 

“At Beta Engineering, we are focused on improving the lives of our people, our customers and our communities by delivering the impossible,” said Marvin Veuleman, president of Beta Engineering. “We hold ourselves accountable by relentlessly pursing excellence to provide the quality products and services required by our customers.  Northwestern State University’s Engineering Technology programs stay ahead of the curve by meeting continuing demands of shifting technologies in our industry.  It was great to see NSU’s Engineering Technology organization participate in the recent American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) annual conference.  Their design showcase exhibit focused on 3D printing and other cutting edge projects demonstrated NSU’s aggressive approach to high quality engineering technology education.”